Real-Time Analytics

Make better technical and business decisions using Outlyer’s powerful real-time analytics tool

With the growth of the cloud, microservices and containers the amount of data produced in recent years has exploded. We at Outlyer believe it is a necessity for all businesses to have the ability to take control of that data and then put it to work for you. Our unique solution allows you to do just that so you can make better decisions when it comes to supporting your software, technical services and business.

Outlyer Analytics Screenshot

Analytics Designed for Scale & Performance

We provide you with an Analytics capability to complement your server monitoring. This is achieved by our use of Atlas, a Time Series Database that can handle billions of metrics, a query language that is easy to understand, and the ability to easily ingest metrics from virtually any source.

Key Features

  • Top notch performance and the ability to handle billions of metrics in real-time
  • Ability to push and/or scrape metrics into Outlyer from virtually any source (i.e. Nagios, StatsD, Prometheus & Sensu)
  • Easy to use Query Language that is supported by 100s of functions so you can easily create ad-hoc queries
  • Analyze your data side by side with the metrics from your agent based monitoring to maximize your use of Outlyer
  • Long term metrics analysis 13 months of data retention