Kubernetes Monitoring

Deploy Outlyer Kubernetes Monitoring in a few commands across your entire Kubernetes cluster to get immediate visibility into your pods, clusters, nodes, containers and key metrics

Docker Whack-A-Mole

Kubernetes is an extremely powerful and complex technology. Because of its complex nature monitoring it can prove to be a challenge. With constantly moving ephemeral containers on top of a complex system, keeping track of your services on Kubernetes is like trying to play Whack-A-Mole. This makes Outlyer’s ability to monitor them for you all the more important and useful

Key Features

  • Easy Deployment: Deploy the Outlyer agent as a Daemonset across all your Kubernetes nodes and our agent will automatically discover all your containers, pods and services and start monitoring them
  • Simple Auto-discovery: Outlyer's agent has built in auto-discovery, so all your monitoring integrations will work automatically whenever it sees a new pod on the node
  • Powerful Analytics: Outlyer is designed to ingest your metrics via Open-Source standards such as Nagios checks, Prometheus exporters, StatsD and more so you can easily migrate to Outlyer without getting locked into proprietary standards
  • Supports All Major Platforms: Outlyer supports Kubernetes running on all major Cloud providers, including managed solutions such as EKS, AKS and OpenShift
  • Designed for DevOps: Outlyer's Command-line tool and REST API enables you to manage all your Outlyer configuration, including dashboards and alerts, using your own code libraries