Infrastructure Monitoring

Get instant visibility into your environments and services with self-service monitoring

DevOps, Operations, and Development professionals use Outlyer for their Cloud Infrastructure and Microservices monitoring. Server monitoring should be straight-forward and a tool that can be used and understood by anyone. Self-service monitoring changes the way you can monitor your infrastructure and services because it is so easy to deploy and update you can delegate setup to the teams themselves.

Additionally, the increased communication it fosters between teams and roles changes how organizations function. This all leads to faster deployments, quicker resolution to downtime and ultimately better software for your users.

Outlyer Kubernetes Screenshot

How Outlyer Infrastructure Monitoring works:

  • Deploy our agent across 1,000’s of hosts in minutes. You can do using configuration management tools, Docker containers or Kubernetes manifests
  • Outlyer automatically discovers all the services running on your infrastructure and gives you the ability to install our out of the box integrations using the Integration Service in one click
  • Customize your integrations and immediately see metrics, dashboards and alerts in one place
  • Collaborate using our unique GitHub-style account model. Invite your colleagues to setup their own monitoring so everyone can share data in Outlyer to respond to incidents and make data-driven decisions so you can build a better service for your users
  • Manage your configuration as code within the Outlyer UI, our Command-line interface or REST API

Key Features

  • Self-Service Monitoring Approach: delegate monitoring to the teams that need it so they can own their monitoring setup and collaborate in real time out of the box Service Views, Dashboards, Metrics and Alerts.
  • Extremely Easy Setup: Can be rolled out in minutes using our Ansible, Puppet, Chef & Salt modules or via your Container Orchestration tools such as Kubernetes. Provides one click installations for your integrations, dashboards and alerts using our Integration Service.
  • Easily Customizable: Ability to create and update custom integrations within the Outlyer UI using our Check configuration model.
  • Open-Standards: Outlyer's agent runs Nagios checks, can scrape Prometheus endpoints and collect StatsD metrics without you having to re-write all your monitoring.
  • Supports All Major Platforms: Supports all major versions of Linux, Windows, Docker & Kubernetes platforms, on any Cloud or Data-Center.
  • Long Term Data-Retention: Perform your annual capacity planning with 13 months data retention.
  • Native Container Support: Outlyer can monitor your container and non-container environments without any additional configuration required.