Infrastructure Monitoring

Outlyer is designed to monitor all of your IT infrastructure wherever it is running. Our service works with cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure and GCE, or it can run on your own on-premise data centers. Outlyer also provides a unique capability to easily discover and monitor all your network and hardware devices, giving a complete view of the current status and key metrics across your entire infrastructure in one place. With our self-service monitoring approach you can start monitoring your cloud infrastructure and microservices in minutes giving you instant visibility.


Real-Time Analytics

Easily port metrics into Outlyer from virtually any source. You can set up dashboards, alerts, and queries using this data all within our UI. Our analytics engine can support advanced ad-hoc analytics queries across billions of metrics in seconds empowering users to ask any question from their data in real-time.


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Kubernetes Monitoring

Keeping track of your containers and services on Kubernetes is like trying to play Whack-A-Mole due to the constantly moving ephemeral nature of the technology. Without monitoring your teams are blind and can’t build and run great software for your users.

Outlyer provides a Kubernetes native monitoring solution that gives you instant visibility into your clusters, nodes, pods, and containers in minutes.


Runbook Automation

Automatically trigger your runbooks based on how your system is behaving. Sick of getting woken up to just restart a service? Automate that first line of response to recover the system and investigate in the morning.

If full automation isn’t possible then automate collecting those diagnostic stats, drastically reducing the time it takes to resolve the problem.


Runbook Automation Code