Plans & Pricing

Plans to fit your scale & use-case



For users getting started with only a few servers

  • 10 Agents Maximum
  • 6hrs Data Retention
  • 10 Containers Per Host
  • All Core Integrations
  • Service Views, Dashboards & Alerts
  • Unlimited Users
  • Access To Community Support Slack Channel


$0.01 Per Metric, Per Month *

For users that want to collect custom metrics with or without our agent

  • Unlimited Metrics
  • 13 Months Data Retention
  • Unlimited Access to Store
  • Dashboards & Alerts
  • Unlimited Users
  • 24/7 Support & Customer Success Manager
  • Can Combine With Pro Plan For Combined Agent Based Monitoring
  • * Minimum 10,000 Metrics ($100/Month) Billed Annually Or $0.02/Metric/Month Billed Monthly ($200/Month)


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For users with more than 500 servers, or 200,000 custom metrics

  • All Pro & Analytics Features Plus:
  • Volume Discounts
  • Additional Account & Security Controls
  • Professional Services
  • Additional Billing Options


What is an Agent?

An agent is software that’s installed on each server and allows Outlyer to collect metrics. It’s also responsible for running integrations.

What Is A Host?

A host is a physical server, virtual machine or device this is being monitored by the Outlyer agent.

How Do You Price For Containers Like Docker?

We don’t charge extra for containers, we only charge for hosts, for which only 1 agent is required to monitor the host and all containers running on that host. You can have 100 containers on 1 host and we bill for the 1 host.

What’s Pricing Like For Different Instance Types And Sizes (e.g. AWS Instance Types)?

We have one price, regardless of instance size or type.

How Do You Calculate Billing Usage?

For pro plans, we bill based on the average number of agents connected per month. This means if you typically run 100 hosts, but autoscale to 200 for one day a month, you will only be billed for 100 hosts.

For analytics plans, we also bill based on the average number of metrics sent per minute. Again, if you burst up your metric usage for a few hours here and there, you typically won’t be charged any additional fees,

In each case, if you go over your limits we will always contact you to review your subscription before making any significant changes so there’s no suprises!

When Happens If I Send More Than 1,000 Metrics Per Agent On The Pro Plan?

You will be billed for per metric pricing as in accordance with our Analytics plan.

Can I host Outlyer in my own Environment? (On-Premise)

No. Outlyer is only available as a SaaS solution because hosting, maintaining and running a monitoring and analytics service that can scale to millions of metrics is a full time job. Unless you're in the business of monitoring, you should seriously consider outsourcing your monitoring to someone else to avoid the significant overhead of time and resources you can spend when you start running monitoring at scale.

When Should I Consider The Analytics Plan?

The Analytics plan can be purchased by itself if you want to go with metrics based pricing and collect metrics across your environment without deploying the Outlyer agent.

However it can also be combined with the Pro plan if you want to collect custom metrics in addition to running our agent integrations for a comprehensive monitoring solution you can view all your metrics across your infrastructure, applications and business all in one place.

What About Monitoring Remote Devices With A Single Agent?

Outlyer’s agent allows you to autodiscover remote devices and monitor them from a single agent. This is typically used to monitor devices that can’t install our agent such as network hardware devices and power supplies using SMTP.

Typically most users who require this are Enterprise customers, so please contact our sales team to discuss your needs and get custom pricing for remote devices.

What About Security, How Can I Be Sure My Data Is Safe with Outlyer?

Outlyer follows all industry best practices to secure your data in our service. For more information please read our security document here.