Integration Service

The integration service allows installing an integration with a single click.

To install an integration, navigate to the integrations page in Outlyer and click the Install button in the right. Throughout this document, the logrotate integration is used as an example:

Integration Service

After the integration is successfully installed, we need to create a check. Navigate to the checks page in the left menu and click the Create New button:

Logrotate Check Creation

As the logrotate integration was installed via integration service, the plugin code is automatically loaded and all you need to do is to set up the Selectors, save the check and enable it:

Logrotate Check Setup

Navigate to the dashboards page in Outlyer and note that a logrotate dashboard was automatically created:

Logrotate Dashboard

Note that as the integration service creates the plugin and the dashboard as immutable resources, none of them can be edited. Thus, if you want to edit a dashboard created via integration service, you must clone it and edit the cloned dashboard instead.