Troubleshooting and FAQs

Where is the agent’s configuration file?

  • By default, the configuration file is stored as /etc/outlyer/agent.yaml There are many options in here, documented in the Agent Configuration page.

Where are my agent logs?

  • Modern linux systems use systemd as the init daemon. Outlyer takes advantage of this to manage the agent process. Therefore, the logs are stored under journald

Here are some useful commands to get information out of journald

  • Read the logs for outlyer agent
    journalctl --unit outlyer-agent
  • Follow the log file for outlyer-agent
    journalctl --unit outlyer-agent -f

But I don’t have systemd, where are my logs?

  • For older Linux systems, where the agent has been started under upstart, a traditional log file is written to under:

    There is a logrotate file that will keep, as default, 10 files or 20MB on rotation.

  • On Windows servers, the log is written to, by default:

Can I increase the verbosity of the logs?

  • Sure, there is a debug flag in the agent.yaml. Set it to true for extra log lines.

How do I restart, or see the status of my agent?

  • Systemd:
    systemctl restart outlyer-agent
    systemctl status outlyer-agent
  • Upstart:
    initctl restart outlyer-agent
    initctl status outlyer-agent
  • Windows:

Use the Windows Services Console to restart the outlyer-agent process.

How can I tell what version of the agent is installed?

  • There are a few ways to get the version.

The agent code can be queried for the version installed:

  • Linux
    /opt/outlyer/embedded/bin/python3 /opt/outlyer/agent/ -v

On Linux, the package manager is a great way to find out the version:

  • Debain based systems:
    dpkg -l outlyer-agent
  • RPM based systems:
    rpm -qa | grep outlyer-agent

My agent doesn’t appear to be running.

First stop check the logs file.

One common reason the agent won’t run or stay running is:

  • Config error. A error in the config file will present an error similar to this:
    2018-06-26 11:03:56 ERROR outlyer_agent - config error

There will be a stack trace with this which will give more detail about the location of the syntax error.

Alternatively, paste the file into a linting tool like, where the highlighting of any error should be more easily shown.