Included Python 3 Modules

The agent installs with its own embedded Python 3 environment so you can run the Outlyer native plugins out of the box. For a new agent install this includes the following modules:

  • pymongo v3.5.1
  • redis v2.10.6
  • PyMySQL v0.8.1
  • jmxquery v0.5.0
  • boto3 v1.9.11
  • dnspython v1.15.0
  • kubernetes v7.0.0
  • prometheus-client v0.3.1

Installing Additional Python 3 Modules

If you want to develop your own custom plugins that use other 3rd party Python modules you can easily install the modules into the agent’s embedded Python 3 environment using the following commands:


/opt/outlyer/embedded/bin/pip3 install <MODULE_NAME>


C:\outlyer\embedded\bin\Scripts\pip3 install <MODULE_NAME>