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What is Outlyer?

Outlyer is an infrastructure application monitoring solution. What does that mean? Well, Outlyer was designed from the ground up to support monitoring dynamic as well as static infrastructure. We commonly see teams running a hybrid deployment of physical servers, dynamically scaling virtual machines, and a constant churn of containers. As well as monitoring the infrastructure components, it is also vital to track the various applications, or services, running on them. These services come in several forms, from 3rd party services (like Apache, Postgres and Kafka)–which are known entities with much available information on how to monitor them–to the internal services which make up your application, which are often custom.

There can be a lot of variation and complexity with the different application deployments today, but Outlyer is designed to have you covered. Our approach to monitoring is to distil these complicated environments into simple pieces and use open-source standards to monitor them.

Benefits and Features

  • Status and Dynamic hosts configurations
  • Highly dynamic Container deployments
  • Open-source standards for data collection (e.g. Nagios, Prometheus, Statsd)
  • Centralised configuration, you can control your monitoring configuration from the Outlyer Console, this makes it easy to configure what you monitor and where, without needing to keep returning to your hosts.

  • Decentralised configuration, if you would prefer deploying some (or all) of your monitoring configuration with your application.

  • Built for automation