Self-Service Monitoring & Analytics for Cloud Infrastructure and Microservices

Outlyer has officially been acquired by Bitrise.

What is Self-Service Monitoring?

We believe that monitoring should be self-service at every stage from collection to consumption of the data. Nearly every monitoring tool out there that claims “self-service” really is only about consumption, building dashboards and alerts. However collection is still an operations task, or requires operations/DevOps teams to build a lot of tooling around the solution to empower their developers and other users to setup monitoring by themselves.

Outlyer, out of the box, provides a simple and scalable platform that you can give to your teams, and with our delegated remote configuration technology, allows any user you delegate permissions to, the ability to setup their own monitoring in a few clicks, or a few commands with our CLI tool.


What is Outlyer

Outlyer is a self-service monitoring plaform for all your teams giving them deep visibility into your infrastructure and custom metrics at scale.


Monitor 100's of services using our powerful agent and integrations.


Write and deploy custom integrations directly in the UI.


Create & share beautiful dashboards with your team.


Get real-time alerts when incidents occur.

Outlyer Summary

Status Views

See the status of your environment and checks in customizable views.

Real-Time Analytics

Collect and query millions of time-series metrics in real-time.

Configuration As Code

Manage your entire account configuration as code using our CLI.


Integrate Outlyer into your DevOps tools and workflows for automation.

Why Outlyer

Fastest Setup

With our unique deployment technology, customers can setup all their monitoring in a few clicks. Large Enterprise rollouts that would take weeks on other solutions, can be done in days using Outlyer.

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Self-Service Out of The Box

While other solutions are Operations centric and require a lot of additional tooling to roll out to different teams, Outlyer’s unique deployment technology and account model enables Self-Service setup out of the box with no additional tooling required.

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Ultra-Scalable Analytics

Outlyer have 5+ years experience building and scaling our proprietary time-series analytics engine for customers with millions of metrics. Customers can run complex ad-hoc queries on real-time metrics no matter how large they are.

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Supports Legacy Environments

While most of the newer monitoring tools in this space ignore legacy use cases such as network device/SNMP monitoring, Outlyer supports this, as well as Nagios checks for easy migration from legacy tools.

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