Automate the boring stuff!

Let your monitoring go to work for you

How much of your day is taken up by mundane tasks? You know the type of tasks I'm talking about:

  • Restarting/killing a server which is misbehaving
  • Scaling up a service which is hitting its limits
  • Collecting diagnostics information for an incident last night and raising a ticket for further investigation

Those repetitive tasks which, although simple, take little bites out of your day. You could craft something custom to take care of them, but then that's another thing to maintain. Maybe you create a few cron jobs and scripts for them, turning your once amazing setup into an unmaintainable mess.

Outlyer Automation Flow

Your time is too important

We are skilled engineers, we want to be building stuff, solving interesting problems, and getting sh*t done. Your time is too important for you to be constantly disrupted by the simple stuff. Even the smallest task will have a large impact on your time as you attempt to get back in the zone.

  • Are you bored of being woken up at 3:00 AM because of a false-positive alert caused by your hosting provider?
    Automate a test for it!
  • Are you bored of gathering log files and raising tickets for bugs that seem to never get fixed?
    Automate a process for it!
  • Are you bored of having a poor mean-time-to-resolution because your run-books are never up-to-date?
    Automate them!

Key Features

  • Trigger from anywhere: Host down, Service flapping, 3rd-party service notification, even email.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations: Host or service restart, log collection, numerous notifications.
  • Custom actions: Write simple scripts to automate literally anything.