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Author: Outlyer | Version: 1.0.0 | License: MIT | Categories:

Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker.

This integration will monitor your Redis cluster by collecting metrics from Redis INFO command.

Once enabled you will get a default Redis dashboard to help you get started monitoring your key Redis metrics.

Metric Name Type Labels Unit Description
redis_connected_slaves Gauge     Number of connected slaves.
redis_uptime_in_seconds Counter     Number of seconds since Redis server start.
redis_total_connections_received Counter     Total number of connections accepted by the server.
redis_total_commands_processed Counter     Total number of commands processed by the server.
redis_rejected_connections Counter     Number of connections rejected because of maxclients limit.
redis_expired_keys Counter     Total number of key expiration events.
redis_evicted_keys Counter     Number of evicted keys due to maxmemory limit.
redis_keyspace_hits Counter     Number of successful lookup of keys in the main dictionary.
redis_keyspace_misses Counter     Number of failed lookup of keys in the main dictionary.
redis_pubsub_channels Gauge     Global number of pub/sub channels with client subscriptions.
redis_used_cpu_sys Counter     System CPU time consumed by the Redis server.
redis_used_cpu_user Counter   second User CPU time consumed by the Redis server.
redis_connected_clients Gauge     Number of client connections (excluding connections from slaves).
redis_blocked_clients Gauge     Number of clients pending on a blocking call (BLPOP, BRPOP, BRPOPLPUSH).
redis_used_memory Gauge   byte Total number of bytes allocated by Redis using its allocator (either standard libc, jemalloc, or an alternative allocator such as tcmalloc).
redis_mem_fragmentation_ratio Gauge     Ratio between the number of bytes Redis allocated as seen by the operating system and redis_used_memory.
redis_instantaneous_ops_per_sec Gauge   ops/sec Number of commands processed per second.
redis_instantaneous_input_kbps Gauge uom KB/sec The network’s read rate per second in KB/sec.
redis_instantaneous_output_kbps Gauge uom KB/sec The network’s write rate per second in KB/sec.
redis_keys Gauge database   The current number of keys per database.
redis_expires Gauge database   The current number of keys with an expiration per database.

Just run the Redis plugin against your Redis instances and it will start collecting metrics.

Plugin Environment Variables

The Redis plugin can be customized via environment variables.

Variable Default Description
port 6379 Redis port.
password   Redis password. Only used in password-protected Redis servers.
Version Release Date Description
1.0 13-Jun-2018 Initial version of our Redis monitoring integration.