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Author: Outlyer | Version: 2.0.0 | License: MIT | Categories:

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) integration reports the time offset of the server its running on to a NTP server on the internet. If the offset is too large it means the time of your server is out of sync. with the rest of the world, and this can cause issues with viewing your metrics and alerts in Outlyer.

This plugin should be deployed to all your hosts running the agent to ensure metric times are being reported back to Outlyer accurately for dashboards and alerts.

Metric Name Type Labels Unit Description
ntp_drift Gauge   second The time offset of the server in seconds.

Just deploy the NTP plugin using a check with selector ‘instance.type:host’ to ensure this plugin is running on all of your hosts. You can override the following settings:

Variable Default Description
drift 300 The drift period in seconds that is acceptable before the plugin alerts.
ntp-hosts 0.pool.ntp.org,1.pool.ntp.org,2.pool.ntp.org The NTP host list.
Version Release Date Description
2.0 05-Oct-2018 Multiple NTP hosts.
1.1 30-May-2018 Added timeout variable to plugin.
1.0 20-Mar-2018 Initial version.