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Author: Outlyer | Version: 1.0.0 | License: MIT | Categories:

This integration will monitor the status of your local or remote HTTP endpoints by issuing HTTP requests and collecting HTTP response data like response code, time and size.

Once enabled you will get a default HTTP dashboard to help you get started monitoring your HTTP endpoints.

Metric Name Type Labels Unit Description
http.status_code Gauge site code The HTTP response code.
http.response_size Gauge site byte The HTTP response size.
http.response_time Gauge site millisecond The HTTP response elapsed time.

Just run the HTTP plugin against your HTTP endpoint and it will start collecting metrics.

Plugin Environment Variables

The HTTP plugin can be customized via environment variables.

Variable Default Description
name   The name to assign to this check (available as the site label in the dashboard scope)
url   The URL to check.
method GET The HTTP request method. Possible values: GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, PATCH, DELETE and OPTIONS.
params   The parameters to be added as the URL query string, e.g.: key1:value1,key2:value2 (separated by comma with no whitespaces)
headers   The HTTP request headers, e.g.: header1:value1,header2:value2 (separated by comma with no whitespaces)
data   Optional string data to send in the request.
pattern   Optional text pattern to search for in the response HTML.
error_on_redirect false If true, redirect responses (3xx) will result in CRITICAL status.
warning_time 2.5 Response time threshold in seconds to trigger WARNING status.
critical_time 5.0 Response time threshold in seconds to trigger CRITICAL status.
timeout 10 Maximum timeout in seconds before the request times out and fails
Version Release Date Description
1.0 28-Jun-2018 Initial version of our HTTP monitoring integration.