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Author: Outlyer | Version: 1.0.0 | License: MIT | Categories:

etcd is a distributed, consistent key-value store used for configuration management, service discovery, and coordinating distributed work.

This integration will monitor your etcd cluster by collecting metrics from etcd /metrics endpoint.

Once enabled you will get a default etcd cluster overview dashboard and alert rules template to help you get started monitoring your key etcd metrics.

Metric Name Type Labels Unit Description
etcd_debugging_mvcc_watcher_total Gauge     Total number of watchers.
etcd_debugging_mvcc_slow_watcher_total Gauge     Total number of unsynced slow watchers.
etcd_debugging_mvcc_keys_total Gauge     Total number of keys.
etcd_debugging_mvcc_db_total_size_in_bytes Gauge   byte Total size of the underlying database in bytes.
etcd_debugging_mvcc_put_total Gauge     Total number of puts seen by this member.
etcd_debugging_mvcc_delete_total Gauge     Total number of deletes seen by this member.
etcd_debugging_mvcc_txn_total Gauge     Total number of txns seen by this member.
etcd_debugging_mvcc_range_total Gauge     Total number of ranges seen by this member.
etcd_server_has_leader Gauge     Whether or not a leader exists. 1 is existence, 0 is not.
etcd_server_proposals_pending Gauge     The current number of pending proposals to commit.
etcd_server_proposals_committed_total Gauge     The total number of consensus proposals committed.
etcd_server_proposals_applied_total Gauge     The total number of consensus proposals applied.
etcd_server_leader_changes_seen_total Gauge     The number of leader changes seen.
etcd_server_proposals_failed_total Gauge     The total number of failed proposals seen.
etcd_network_client_grpc_received_bytes_total Gauge   byte The total number of bytes received from grpc clients.
etcd_network_client_grpc_sent_bytes_total Gauge   byte The total number of bytes sent to grpc clients.
etcd_network_peer_received_bytes_total Gauge from byte The total number of bytes received from peers.
etcd_network_peer_sent_bytes_total Gauge to byte The total number of bytes sent to peers.
etcd_process_resident_memory_bytes Gauge   byte Resident memory size in bytes.
etcd_process_open_fds Gauge     Number of open file descriptors.
etcd_process_max_fds Gauge     Maximum number of open file descriptors.

Just run the etcd plugin against your etcd instances and it will start collecting etcd metrics.

Plugin Environment Variables

The etcd plugin can be customized via environment variables.

Variable Default Description
ETCD_HOST   etcd host. If empty, it will default to localhost.
PORT 2379 etcd client port.
PATH metrics etcd metrics endpoint.
Version Release Date Description
1.0 22-May-2018 Initial version of our etcd monitoring integration.