Microservice: a small, self-contained autonomous process that focuses on doing one task well. It’s a term that you have read or heard about, but may not completely understand all the benefits of yet.

Seems like a winner from the definition, right? Companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon and Uber have all migrated to microservices and have stuck with it, which shouldn’t go unnoticed. However, microservices are complex, and monitoring them presents another layer of challenge.

In our new eBook, we answer the most important questions, both about microservices in general, and about monitoring them:

  • What is the nitty-gritty of microservices?

  • What is the difference between microservices and monolithic applications?

  • How big is the difference between microservices and service-oriented architectures?

  • Five key attributes of optimized microservices monitoring Learn about microservices and decide if migrating to microservices is the right choice for you.