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DalmatinerDB for Linux

Releasing DalmatinerDB v0.2, a free time series database built on top of Riak Core

StatsD, Tags and Outlyer

How to Add Tags on Statsd Metrics in Outlyer

Top 10 Time Series Databases

Our review of the Top 10 Time-Series Databases

Cool new stuff in the Outlyer Grafana 3.0 plugin

Here's a List of the New Things of Our Grafana 3.0 Plugin

Hosted Prometheus

Need a Service Similar to Hosted Prometheus? I'd Say Outlyer is Pretty Close

New Features (June and July 2016)

Outlyer Product updates on June & July 2016

Outlyer now supports Prometheus metrics

We've Extended Outlyer to Support the Rich Metric Format by Prometheus Exporters


Today we released the first version of dashboard annotations

New Features (May 2016)

Lots of updates in May including alerts system, auto discovery and more

The Ultimate Guide to Monitoring Microservices

Download our free eBook on Monitoring Microservices

Alerts Version 2

Today We've Released Our Alerts V2, find out more below

Package Management for Monitoring

Now You Can Get From No Monitoring to a Base Coverage in A Matter of Minutes.