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New in Outlyer: Analytics

Announcing Outlyer's new Analytics Metrics Browser

DOXLON Jan 2017 - FinTech Infrastructure Challenges

January 2017 DOXLON meetup on FinTech Infrastructure Challenges

Monitoring for Microservices

The challenges when it comes to monitoring microservices

New in Outlyer: AWS Integration

The Release of the Outlyer AWS integration

DOXLON Nov 2016 - ELK Stack & Beats, Splunk @ Strft & cgroupv2 at Facebook

Videos of talks from our November 2016 DevOps Exchange London

Kubernetes vs Mesos vs Swarm — An Opinionated Discussion

Comparing Existing Technologies: Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker Swarm

Monitoring is a Journey, Not a Destination

Why we designed Outlyer to be as frictionless as possible

Build vs. Buy (Prometheus)

Prometheus takes a lot of time to build and scale, here's the reality

Metrics: Nagios, Graphite, Prometheus & InfluxDB

Some Thought on Open Source Monitoring (push vs. pull)

DOXLON October 2016 - Container Orchestration

Videos of talks from our October 2016 DevOps Exchange London

New Features (August, September, October 2016)

Introducing New Features on Metrics Browser, AWS Integration, InfluxDB Metrics

Time-Series Database Benchmarks

Top10 Open Source Time Series databases (Updated)