April was another busy month at Outlyer with updates to our alerts UI, a new dashboard widget and improvements on our Docker monitoring and command line tool.

New Alerts

alerts ui

The alerts interface got a rewrite in React so make it simpler to navigate and setup alerts. If you haven’t tried it yet give it a go!

Top 10 Widget


We added a Top10 widget to the dashboards so you can easily create capacity reports.



Our Docker auto discovery container got various upgrades to support version 1.10 that was recently released. It uses a lot less CPU thanks to some CAdvisor updates.

Command Line


Many new features and bug fixes got added to dlcli. Including proper error handling, searching for agents, and we even split out the API for use in other programs.

You can now pip install dlcli and then import dlcli.api to get access to all of the API wrappers.