The main theme of our May DOXSFO meetup featured one of the most popular topics in DevOps right now: Containers and Docker. We had three very different talks on the subject. Amit spoke about how utilizing Docker has changed his continuous integration ecosystem. Corey had a very unique and entertaining talk about why Docker may not be all it’s cracked up to seem, and David also chimes in with how we at Outlyer have been able to building our own container monitoring solution.

David Gildeh, CEO and Co-founder of Outlyer

Apps generate the traffic, but the network delivers it. Many DevOps and netops stacks are completely separate, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Avi talked about network traffic telemetry—sources, tools, and methods—and showed how that data can be linked to metric, log, and APM systems.

Corey Quinn, Principal at The Quinn Advisory Group

Docker (and by extension, microservices based architecture) has expanded our horizons with respect to how the industry builds and supports applications at scale. It’s changed the way we think about our code, what production looks like, and how we live. But in our rush to embrace this exciting new paradigm, are we throwing away the lessons of the past? In this entertaining and somewhat irreverent talk, Corey presents the ”other side” of the containerization craze: how configuration management fits into a world consumed by the Docker Docker Docker madness, how ”containers all the way down” can let you down when you least expect it, and how promising technologies should perhaps be vetted a bit more thoroughly before you try to run critical services on top of them.

Amit Mishra, Sr. Build & Release Engineer at Credit Karma, Inc.

In this talk Amit will give an overview of how adapting to Docker has revolutionized the Continuous Integration ecosystem. Amit will also showcase how various DevOps tools and technologies can come together and result in a self service, scalable, robust and easy to manage CI ecosystem in a fast paced growing environment without any bottlenecks.

This content came from DevOps Exchange San Francisco (#DOXSFO), a monthly DevOps Meetup in San Francisco.

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