OverOps hosted our last DOXSFO Meetup for 2018, and boy did they treat us! Instead of the usual beer and pizza we were treated to a full Chinese buffet which has definitely set the bar going forwards!

DOXSFO Chinese Buffet

In addition, many of you regulars will know my wish to go out with everyone afterwards to continue the fun at a bar, as this is a big part of our London meetup with 40-50 regulars coming out with us until 1am to catch up and make friends. So I was really happy that two out of towners lead the charge this time and 6 of us ended up at the local Tiki bar Pagan Idol - hopefully this is the start of a meetup tradition!

DOXSFO Chinese Buffet

As usual we had some great presentations, and over the chinese buffet and drinks afterwards a lot of networking and great new friendships. The DOXSFO team wish everyone a great Christmas holiday, and look forward to kicking off 2019 with another great meetup in January so watch this space!

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Continuous Reliability
Tal Weiss, CTO & Founder @ Overops

In his presentation, Tal explains how to brings together automated code quality gates and contextual feedback loops within a CI/CD workflow to help organizations overcome the agility/stability paradox. CR can mean the difference between hoping your code might work in production, and actually knowing it will. He will define CR for attendees and demonstrate how they can implement this practice within the context of their organization’s own transformation.

Tal’s video:

Using Spinnaker With EKS
Brandon Powell, Software Engineer @ Armory

Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. Get a walkthrough on how to get Spinnaker working inside of your EKS Cluster. By the end of the walkthrough, you’ll have an end-to-end pipeline deploying a Helm chart to your EKS cluster using Spinnaker.

Brandon’s video:

Architect Solutions For Multi Cloud Deployment
Ravi Bulusu

It is imperative that the new age SaaS products are architected to run on multiple clouds but still be able to take advantage of the cloud native resources. In this talk Ravi discusses about decoupling cloud agnostic and cloud native parts of the architecture.

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