We kicked off our first DevOps Exchange meetup of 2018 last month, with some excellent talks from Serverless with David Wells, and The Decentralized Future of Cloud Infrastructure with Greg Osuri. We also announced the new Slack Channel we’ve launched to help connect the community in between our Meetups. You can sign up here:


Also don’t forget to help us complete our State of DevOps Monitoring Survey 2018 - we really need your help to make it successful and will be presenting the results back to the whole community later on!


Greg Osuri, CEO & Founder @ Overlock Labs

Up to 85% of the world’s computing capacity sits unused in data centers all over the globe while “hyper scale” cloud compute providers enjoy bloated margins born of lack of competition. Decentralization corrects the unequal concentration. In this video, Greg presents how Photon corrects the unequal concentration of computing power by providing an open marketplace that connects companies with slack compute capacity with users who need it; and various tools needed to configure, deploy, monitor, and manage workloads at the edge.

Greg’s Video:

David Wells, Software Engineer @ Serverless

Despite the hype, “serverless” is not a magical unicorn that implies then end of operations. Quite the opposite! Devops is still a critical piece of any architecture and going serverless only shifts some of the burden onto the provider. In this video, David walks you through how traditional DevOps fits into the serverless landscape, what serverless CI + CD flows look like, and how serverless compute layers like AWS Lambda can help automate different aspects of traditional operations.

David’s Video: