Lumosity hosted our DOXSFO Meetup event in August. More great presentations, and really happy to see more regulars turning up each month, and the networking time over beers after the talks where I’ve met a lot of great DevOps people in the community! I’m still hoping to get a few people out for a later night out in a bar afterwards, so watch out for next month’s meetup where we will announce something in advance for those of you who want to hang out longer and meet other DevOps pros!

We want to thank everyone who attended this month and look forward to seeing you at the next DOXSFO at Amplitude on October 25 so sign up now!

Ways to Identify MicroServices Leaking Critical Data
Chetan Conikee, CTO/Founder @ Shiftleft

Chetan Conikee, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Shiftleft shares his tips and tricks for the best ways to identify microservices leaking critical data. It is important to think about it when 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every day.

Chetan’s video:

Microservices Architecture in the Real World
Mason Jones, Senior Staff Infrastructure Engineer @ Credit Karma

Mason Jones, Senior Staff Infrastructure Engineer at Credit Karma talks his experience of microservices architecture in the real world. So, if you adopted Microservices you must watch this video.

Mason’s video:

Immutable Infrastructure, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned Murder Pets.
Albert Dixon, DevOps Engineer @ Lumos Labs

Albert Dixon, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Lumos Lab talks about immutable infrastructure build from pre-configured machine images where component are replaced during deployment rather than changed.

Albert’ Video: