Last week we hosted our 3rd monthly DevOps Exchange meetup, #DOXLON. This time the talks were held at the Microsoft auditorium at Central Working Whitechapel.

We had huge interest in this meetup, with over 150 people turning up for the talks, free beer and pizza, it was a great event. The meetup group has now reached almost 500 members, meaning we are now officially the largest DevOps meetup in London!

The theme for this months talks was deployment with containers. It featured the usual 3 x 20 minute tech-talks with guest speakers from Pearson, Cloudsoft and OpenBet, followed by free beer/pizza afterwards, provided by our friends over at Linux Recruit.

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Here are the much requested slides, and videos from last week:

Simon Vans-Colina at Pearson - Removing Environmental differences

This talk looks at how Pearson is investigating and moving towards Docker, what we’ve learned so far, and what you can learn from our experiences.

Alex Heneveld at Cloudsoft - Amplifying Docker

In this talk we look at the challenges of taking docker and using it as the basis for a cloud platform. We highlight the work done by one of our own Cloudsoft engineers Andrea Turli who has contributed an Apache jclouds provider for Docker and integrated this with the open source project Brooklyn.

Ian Miell at OpenBet - Docker at OpenBet, ShutIt and 2048

OpenBet is a transactional gambling platform that’s over 15 years old. Over the years we’ve accrued a lot of technical debt and have recently begun using docker to help tackle some of this.

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