It’s that time again, here are the videos and slides from DevOps Exchange London last week! The Meetup featured some fantastic talks ranging from docker networking, to building a high performance time series database from the ground up. We were kindly hosted by the Rainmaking Loft this time, located in St Katharine Docks there were plenty of great views to take in. Finally, everything ran smoothly, thanks to the big help from our friends at Linux Recruit.

In case you didn’t know, the theme for this months talks were the usual 20 minute x 3 talks, on DevOps Show and Tell, a chance for DevOpers to show off what they’ve been working on. We now have 570 Members in our Meetup group, making us the biggest dedicated DevOps group in London! If you want to make the next DevOps Exchange London join our meetup group here.

Ansible, Vagrant and Riak - Bryan Hunt

Bryan talks about how to use Ansible and Vagrant to test and provision a Riak cluster. In case you didn’t know Riak is a database based on the Dynamo paper written by Google. It aims to scale linearly in terms of size and performance. The ideal initial setup is a 5 node cluster. Bryan will show how easy it is to roll those 5 nodes out along with some tips and tricks for performance tuning.

Building a Custom Time Series DB - Colin Hemmings

Colin talks about how he architected and built a high performance time series database from the ground up at Outlyer. Handling hundreds of thousands of metrics per second. One of the objectives was to provide real time graphing and alerting. If you’re ‘rolling your own’ metrics, are interested in Node.JS, highly scalable architectures and like listening to plenty of war stories you should enjoy this talk.

Fixing Docker networking - Milos Gajdos

Milos has been working on fixing networking in Docker. Yes, fixing networking :-) At the moment it massively sucks. You can’t do vlans, macvlans etc. you can’t even have more than 1 interface inside the docker!

After a week of after-work hacking on this (whilst watching world cup) Milos has found the cause of why this is not in Docker - it’s the netlink package in docker - because no one has fixed netlink! This should be an entertaining talk for anyone who likes Docker, Golang and geeky container networking stuff.

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Thanks to all that came, here are some of our favourite tweets from the night: