We kicked off our first DevOps Exchange meetup of 2018 this month, with some excelent talks from Docker, Paddy Power Betfair and Motion Picture Solutions. We also announced the new Slack Channel we’ve launched to help connect the community in between our meetups. You can sign up here:


Also don’t forget to help us complete our State of DevOps Monitoring Survey 2018 - we really need your help to make it successful and will be presenting the results back to the whole community later on!


We want to thank everyone who attended this month and look forward to seeing you at the next DOXLON!

Oliver Pomeroy, Solutions Engineer @ Docker

Docker Containers are here, there and everywhere, however how do enterprises know what their containers images are made up of and how do they trust where they come from? In this talk Oliver demonstrated a few of the open source and docker tooling that helps you lock down and secure your container software supply chain. Giving security teams some piece of mind in the container world. All based on top of the Docker Engine, Notary and Kubernetes.

Oliver’s Video:

Steven Armstrong, Principal DevOps Automation Engineer @ Paddy Power Betfair

With the emergence of devops more and more companies are looking to automate their code deployments. But automating code deployment can only take companies so far. Everything needs to be automated from the infrastructure to the load balancing and the networking. Every component of the process should be automated as software delivery is only as quick as the slowest component. In this talk Steven goes through some of the ways to implement a completely automated release process that includes immutable networking and infrastructure, some of the tooling available to help achieve this and how these steps can be added to continuous delivery pipelines.

Steven’s Video:

Jiri Tyr & Vladimir Babichev @ Motion Picture Solutions

Jiri and Vladimir talked about an application that they have developed. It’s written in Go and it facilitates you to create a nicely-looking prompt for Bash and ZSH. It also allows you to have the same prompt across remote servers and provide seamless integration with services like Docker, Vagrant and MySQL. It’s executed only on your local machine and doesn’t require any installation on the remote side.

Jiri & Vladimir’s Video: