The DevOps Exchange have teamed up with our good friends over at London DevOps, to put on the very first London DevOps Exchange (who ever thought this would happen!). The partnership between the two Meetups was born due to both communities being community sponsors for the All Day DevOps conference happening that day.

Huge thanks to Kobalt Music for kindly hosting at their great offices in Cannon Street.

As usual, keep an eye out for our announcment on next months meetup, and here are the talk video recordings from last night:

Gary Rutland @ Kobalt Music: Kobalt’s Journey into Container Orchestration

An introduction to the journey Kobalt Music has taken into container orchestration using AWS ECS Fargate.

Eirik Albrigtsen & Branden Faulls @ Babylon Health: Leveraging Kubernetes for Global Scale

Running Kubernetes in production means drowning in a sea of YAML, and Helm only seems to add curly brackets to the madness. At Babylon Health, as we’ve scaled, we’ve built higher level automation tooling to drive and protect our deployments and keep our teams aligned, all using DSLs of awesome. Meet Shipcat and the other beasts onboard for our voyage around the world.

Marc Cluet @ DevOpsGroup: The DevOps Journey - How To Get There Painlessly

In this presentation Marc talks about his experience helping companies moving towards a DevOps and Agile approach, what are the most common problems, solutions and the over-arching journey covering everything from Engineering, planning to leadership.

Don’t forget to sign up for our meetup if you enjoyed the talks!