Every month, DevOps Exchange gets bigger and better. We’ve been officially London’s largest DevOps meetup for a while now, and are very close to being the worlds largest outside the US! With scale attracts great speakers who are happy to fly all the way in especially to talk at our events - as Paul Dix (Founder of InfluxDB, based in New York) and Torkel Ödegaard (Creator of Grafana, based in Stockholm) did last week!

For this month’s meetup we focused on a subject close to our hearts, Monitoring for DevOps. We dove into our research on what companies use for Monitoring and the problems they face with today’s tools, and then looked at some of the great open-source tools available to help DevOps teams monitor their services.

As usual a big thanks to everyone who made it to the meetup last week, and of course our speakers (listed with slides/videos below) and our sponsors Outlyer, LinuxRecruit, and Amazon Web Services.

Next month is definitely not one to miss - we will have speakers from Ansible, Chef and Puppet all talking about Configuration Management - a great chance for you to learn about the 3 leading CM tools for DevOps and make up your own mind on which one to use. Make sure you sign up here to be notified of where and when it will be later this month: http://www.meetup.com/DevOps-Exchange-London/events/217411692/

David Gildeh (CEO of Outlyer) - Monitoring Nightmares

I kicked off with a follow up to the blog he wrote earlier in the year that gives a good overview of what tools online services are using and what “nightmares” they are having with monitoring today, and some solutions to solve them. For more info see our blog: /blog/what-we-learnt-talking-to-60-companies-about-monitoring/.

Ali Asad Lotia (DevOps at Beamly) - Riemann.io Stream Processing

A talk about using Riemann for stream processing. This is the metric aficionados on-premise tool of choice currently. Ali will talk about how they are using it to process the metrics coming out of their cloud service. For more info see : http://riemann.io

Ali Asad Lotia (DevOps at Beamly) – Riemann Stream Processing at #DOXLON from Outlyer

Ryan Conway (Ops at Skimlinks) - Star Trek Nagios Dashboard

A short demo of an awesome Star Trek theme dashboard Ryan built to display their Nagios alerts at Skimlinks. One of the coolest things we’ve seen, we can’t wait for Ryan to open-source it!

Ryan Conway (Ops at Skimlinks) – Star Trek Nagios Dashboard at #DOXLON from Outlyer

Torkel Ödegaard (Creator of Grafana) - Grafana

Flying in all the way from Stockholm, Torkel Ödegaard (Creator of Grafana) spoke about his awesome Open-Source projects for monitoring, and how Grafana can be used with a nice demo and roadmap for the next release. For more info see: http://grafana.org

Torkel Ödegaard (Creator of Grafana) – Grafana at #DOXLON from Outlyer

Paul Dix (Founder InfluxDB) - Organizing Metrics

Flying in all the way from New York, Paul Dix (Founder of InfluxDB) spoke about his view on how to organize metrics for monitoring, hierarchically or tagged. If you’re managing loads of metrics for your monitoring, watch this talk! For more info visit: InfluxDB: www.influxdb.com

Paul Dix (Founder InfluxDB) – Organising Metrics at #DOXLON from Outlyer