This month we held our meetup at the one of our favourite venues, DigitasLBI. As usual, 3 great speakers followed by beer and pizza afterwards.

Derek Fowler (The Trainline)
Trainline and AWS CodeDeploy, the story so far

At Trainline we embarked on an ambitious cloud migration journey to AWS around a year ago and as part of this we’ve adopted AWS CodeDeploy as our deployment management mechanism. In this talk I’ll discuss where we’re up to with a focus on some interesting challenges we’ve faced getting CodeDeploy to play nicely with our hosting model.

Derek is a developer on Trainline’s Platform Services team building platform and infrastructure automation tools. He’s worked as a developer and architect for 12 years in a variety of sectors from tourism and ecommerce to medical and financial services with a focus on the Microsoft stack, Azure and AWS.

Matt Chung (Independent)
Serverless application with AWS Lambda

The talk will focus on how we are utilizing AWS Lambda for certain applications and the advantages/disadvantages, and the challenges we discovered along the way. It would help those who are looking to reduce technical debt with the infrastructure and costs.

Previously a Director of technical operations at fox networks (21st Century Fox/News Corporation) responsible for infrastructure and building deployment pipelines. Currently a Python programmer / DevOps engineer with roots in systems/networks administration. Focus is on infrastructure and application automation. Worked as an engineer for Cisco Systems with emphasis on video conferencing. Built microwave networks at Bel Air Internet. Find me on github and twitter @itsmemattchung

Matt Chung (Independent) – Serverless application with AWS Lambda from Outlyer

Owain Perry (Just Giving)
Continuous Delivery of Windows Micro-Services in the Cloud

Owain will talk about the journey have gone through to get to Continuous delivery on their Windows environment. He will talk about what they did, how they did it and lessons learned along the way.

Owain Perry (Just Giving) – Continuous Delivery of Windows Micro-Services in the Cloud fromOutlyer