Despite the London heatwave, we had a decent turnout for our July DevOps Exchange meetup which was once again hosted at the Sainsbury’s HQ in Holborn alongside our partners Linux Recruit. As Tony was away on holiday this month, Colin had the pleasure of hosting the enture event himself this month, and I hear he did a great job!

On top of that we also saw some growing activity on our DevOps Exchange Slack Community after the meetup yesterday, which was encouraging as we’ve been slowly growing the channel to critical mass since we launched it earlier this year, so please sign up and join so we can keep the community going and share DevOps banter between the meetups on both sides of the Atlantic (we also have our DOXSFO meetup attendees in there if you want to connect with the San Francisco DevOps community)!

Also, Colin mentioned it yesterday, but Outlyer is hiring, so if you’re a front-end or Go developer interested on working on one of the best monitoring tools for DevOps please visit our careers page to find out more: Outlyer Careers Page.

As usual, keep an eye out for our announcment on next months meetup, and here are the talk video recordings from last night:

Tom Wilkie @ Grafana Labs: Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus

Prometheus has become the defacto monitoring system for cloud native applications, with systems like Kubernetes and Etcd natively exposing Prometheus metrics. In this talk Tom explores all the moving part for a working Prometheus-on-Kubernetes monitoring system, including kube-state-metrics, node-exporter, cAdvisor and Grafana. You will learn about the various methods for getting to a working setup: the manual approach, using CoreOS’s Prometheus Operator, or using Prometheus Ksonnet Mixin. Tom also shares some little tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Prometheus monitoring, including the common pitfalls and what you should be alerting on.

Tom is VP Product at Grafana Labs, but really he is a software engineer. Previous Tom founded Kausal, a company working on Prometheus, and worked at companies such as Weaveworks, Google, Acunu and XenSource. In his spare time, Tom likes to make craft beer and build 3D printers

Ali Aktar & Irfan Ansari @ ApplyingAgile: Its Not All About Kubernetes

Ali and Irfan talk about an alternative approach to managing containers on Google Cloud with full Hashistack using terraform as infrastructure as code. CI/CD using jenkins and Nomad for container deployment.

Ali Aktar and Irfan Ansari have worked independently for many years in various contract and perm roles in the UK and abroad. A year ago they joined forces with several other SME’s to form a specialist organisation delivering DevOps and Cloud transformation expertise to multinational companies. Their particular specialism is using Hashistack tools in multi cloud environments and attempting to solve difficult problems that others have yet to attempt.

Iain Gray @ Elsevier: The Three-Legged Stool - DevOps in the Enterprise

A journey through the evolution of a company and its DevOps function and a look at how to do this successfully using policy as code.

Iain is a DevOps manager and cloud architect of far too many years experience to note. He started back in the day of 3.5” floppy disks and has managed to keep up with the changing face of operations while still maintaining both his sanity and sense of humour. Iain is focused on large scale cloud transformations and how the changing operations dynamic affects operational maturity in production.

Don’t forget to sign up for our meetup if you enjoyed the talks!