To kick off 2016 we held our January meetup at Sainsbury’s Tech Hub in Holborn, with one of our largest attendances yet! As usual, 3 great talks followed by beer and pizza networking. If you’d like to join our next meetup on March 17th at Mark’s & Spencer’s digital hub then sign up here:

Simon Vans Colina (Mondo Bank) - DevOps at a Startup Bank

How Micro Services change the service discovery story for DevOps engineers. How GoLang changes the deployment story. How clustering will change how you do deployments. Can a bank be a “distributed system?” You’re building a system. What’s core, whats bolt-on.

Will Salt (Sainsburys) - Building infrastructure with Terraform

How to build infrastructure using terraform with examples of multi environment workflows, composing your terraform config into modules, and using it over different projects.

Leonard Austin (Ravelin) - DevOps in a Machine Learning World

As machine learning moves from niche to mainstream tech stacks how do DevOps engineers prepare for a very different set of problems. A brief look at the new issues that arise from machine learning, an overview of cutting-edge “old school” solutions and how to drag data science (kicking and screaming) into a world of automation.