After only 9 meetups since we started DevOps Exchange London back in February, we are proud to announce we have grown to become THE WORLDS largest DevOps Meetup with over 1,650 members and between 200-300 attendees at every meetup!

We couldn’t have got here without the amazing speakers, our partners and sponsors, and most importantly the London DevOps community coming back every month and telling their friends about us. It’s great to see familiar faces in the audience and now with a bigger audience we’re now attracting bigger sponsors (welcome Rackspace) and bigger speakers!

So to finish off 2014, we decided to get the worlds 3 most popular Configuration Management tools into a room, Ansible, Chef & Puppet, and let them tell our audience why they were the best Configuration Management tool for the job! The slides and videos are below, so we’ll let you decide which one you think is the best!

Our next meetup will be in the new year at the end of January, exact theme and date to be announced. But you can be sure we will continue to be the world’s premiere DevOps meetup in 2015 so watch this space!

Chef: Stephen Nelson-Smith – Consultant
Building an SSL-enabled Gitlab server, test-first

One of the key differentiators of Chef ecosystem is its mature testing framework. In this live demonstration, a Gitlab server will be built, from scratch, test-first, demonstrating Chef’s code reuse, the Test-Kitchen framework, Serverspec and ChefSpec.

Puppet: Gareth Rushgrove – Senior Software Engineer
Ubiquity - Moving past file, package and service

In the last few years we’ve all got much better at managing the configuration of node level resources like files and packages. But our infrastructures are only getting larger and more complex, and today we’re more likely to be talking about clusters and distributed systems than individual hosts. This talk will cover a number of things Puppet is doing to make this shift easier - from support for hardware devices and tools like etcd to cloud provisioning and docker.

Ansible: Mark Phillips - UK Consultant
Go Agentless!

Configuration Management tools are an enabler to greater things - they should smooth the path to delivering for your customers. Tonight we’ll show you why Ansible is the simplest way to automate IT.