Its that time of month when DevOps Exchange London has been and gone again. After yet another great event we have the slides and videos up for those who wish to relive it or simply didn’t make it! We had the usual tech talks, 3 x 20 minutes from 3 very interesting speakers which gave us a view into their practices.

This month we are hosting a bigger DevOps Exchange London with talks from Google on Kubernetes,, and Amazon Web Services. It’s definitely not one to miss, and its completely free for all! Sign up ASAP for a space here:

September DOXLON

Grant Smith - Early Indicators of Scaling Problems

Grant talks about leading operations teams at various companies through periods of rapid growth. The most recent being the successful launch of the British Gas Hive Home project in a staggeringly small window of time. He’ll draw parallels between his experiences and gives us some insight into what it’s like to work in some of these high pressured environments.

Jozef Ve Providing Scalability for Pirates, Lizards and Zombies

Jozef talks about building a new generation of distributed services framework called Amanda at MPC. MPC is a leading visual FX company that works with extremely high volumes of data and a vast array of computing power. This talk gives a behind the scenes (sorry for the pun) look at how art assets get processed at scale. And like all good talks it includes plenty of metrics!

Dave Allison - Scaling at

Video: Pending Review

Slides: Pending Review

Dave discusses how the architecture has evolved over the years to meet the demands of the business. Taking us on a technical journey from the beginning until the present day. He also talks about how the teams have needed to adapt and grow over the years, and what he’s seen as the common pain points and ways they have found to combat them.

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