Last week we organized our second DevOps Exchange meetup which we sponsored alongside StackExchange, who also hosted the event at their shiny new London offices near Old Street. Since our first meetup a couple of months ago, the meetup has quickly grown to over 270 members, making us officially London’s 2nd largest DevOps specific meetup. We think by the time we hold our next event in less than a month, we’ll probably be the largest, which is great traction for a meetup we only started in January!

For this meetup the theme was Microservices. Like teenage sex, a lot of companies are talking about it, but not that many are really doing it. So our event focused on what Microservices are, best practices for implementing them and a real-life example of a large online service and their story moving towards Micro-Services.

Based on feedback from attendees, we have decided to see if we can do a monthly meetup, so our next meetup will be on Wednesday May 28th. If you want to attend, RSVP here as spots will probably go fast! The theme for our next meetup will be on deployments with containers like Docker and SmartOS, a topic that most of the audience voted on as you can see in the photo above!

Here are the videos and slides from last weeks meetup on Microservices:

Matt Smith - What are Microservices?

Matt Smith, Operations Lead at British Gas’s Hive Home Service, gives an introduction to what Microservices are, the pros and cons.

Marc Cluet - How to implement Microservices

Marc Cluet, Head of DevOps & Automation Advisory at Rackspace, shares their experience on implementing Microservices and best practices.

Glen Ford - From Duplo to Lego

Glen Ford, Chief Architect at Beamly (formally Zeebox) talks about their journey moving to Microservices, from large grained services to smaller and smaller grained ones. The benefits and challenges that it brings.

Don’t forget to sign up for our meetup if you enjoyed the talks!