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Brand New Status Views

Introducing a complete revamp of our Status Views

Making Users Lives Better

Taking Outlyer user experience to the next stage

Announcing Outlyer V2

Announcing our brand new, completely redesigned relaunch of Outlyer

New Feature: Docker Monitoring

Our new Docker monitoring solution that can literally be setup in minutes

New in Outlyer: Analytics

Announcing Outlyer's new Analytics Metrics Browser

New in Outlyer: AWS Integration

The Release of the Outlyer AWS integration

New Features (August, September, October 2016)

Introducing New Features on Metrics Browser, AWS Integration, InfluxDB Metrics

Cool new stuff in the Outlyer Grafana 3.0 plugin

Here's a List of the New Things of Our Grafana 3.0 Plugin

New Features (June and July 2016)

Outlyer Product updates on June & July 2016

Outlyer now supports Prometheus metrics

We've Extended Outlyer to Support the Rich Metric Format by Prometheus Exporters


Today we released the first version of dashboard annotations

New Features (May 2016)

Lots of updates in May including alerts system, auto discovery and more

Alerts Version 2

Today We've Released Our Alerts V2, find out more below

Package Management for Monitoring

Now You Can Get From No Monitoring to a Base Coverage in A Matter of Minutes.

New Features (April 2016)

Product updates from April 2016 including new alerts, widgets and Docker improvements

New Features (Jan, Feb & March 2016)

This blog is a round up of the new product updates in case you missed the updates in Slack

StatsD, Outlyer and Grafana

Today We Are Announcing The Release of Our Grafana Datasource Plugin

Monitoring Orchestration

Announcing the release of our command line tool for Outlyer, DLCLI

Tying it all together: Monitoring Auto discovery!

A Quick Post About How Auto Discovery Will Work Behind The Scenes

Announcing Packs!

Packs Provide a Way to One-click Setup Monitoring, Find Out More Below!

Preview: Account Model

Behind the scenes look at the new self-service account model!

Enhanced Docker Monitoring

An new release of Outlyer with enhanced Docker monitoring

New Feature: Hosted Docker Containers

As of this week, all accounts will get provisioned with their own docker container!

Why We Chose Outlyer for Hive Home - Grant Smith

Grant Smith shares why he chose Outlyer to monitor Hive Home

IFTTT (If this then that) for DevOps

Announcing our new simple IFTTT Alert Rules

New Feature: JSON Format Check Scripts

Write JSON output plugins to display tabular data in Outlyer

Creating a Better NRPE Agent

How Outlyer went about creating its own monitoring agent