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Monitoring IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service with Outlyer

Outlyer now supports IBM Container Cloud

A Comparison Between Prometheus and Outlyer

An overview of the key differences between Prometheus & Outlyer

Why NOT to Build a Time-Series Database

Our story building and scaling a time-series database and our new V2 architecture

Building a Raspberry PI Weather Station with Outlyer

A 7th Grade Science Project to Build a Raspberry PI Weather Station with Outlyer

Monitoring Logrotate with Outlyer

Learn how to use logrotate and how to monitor it with Outlyer

Why The Observability Pipeline Won't Solve Everything

Response to recent ideas of building an Observability Pipeline

Monitoring Kafka (Part 1)

An overview of how Kafka works and how its monitored

Top Kubernetes Metrics to Monitor (Part 4)

An overview of the key metrics that matter on your Kubernetes cluster

How To Monitor Kubernetes With Outlyer (Part 3)

How Outlyer makes Kubernetes monitoring simple

Monitoring Kubernetes With Heapster And Prometheus (Part 2)

This post covers Kubernetes metrics monitoring using Heapster and Prometheus.

Monitoring Kubernetes (part 1)

The challenges of monitoring Kubernetes

Baron Schwartz: What Good is Anomaly Detection?

Baron's talk from InfluxDays about anomaly detection

Introduction to Monitoring Java Applications

This post covers monitoring the performance of a Java application

Are the Pitfalls of Microservices and Docker Containers Worth It? (Hint: Yes!)

The pros and cons of using Docker in microservices architectures

The Network Knows

Avi Freedman from Kentik talks about Network Flow Monitoring

Java Monitoring Using JMX

This article provides some examples of how to access monitoring information using JMX

How to supercharge AWS CloudWatch

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can extend CloudWatch

Why You Should Monitor Services Rather Than Containers

Do you realize what Docker means for application monitoring? It’s a game-changer!

Monitoring Docker Environments with Outlyer (Live Webinar)

How Outlyer is changing the way you can monitor your Docker environment

Monitoring for Microservices

The challenges when it comes to monitoring microservices

Monitoring is a Journey, Not a Destination

Why we designed Outlyer to be as frictionless as possible

Build vs. Buy (Prometheus)

Prometheus takes a lot of time to build and scale, here's the reality

Metrics: Nagios, Graphite, Prometheus & InfluxDB

Some Thought on Open Source Monitoring (push vs. pull)

Time-Series Database Benchmarks

Top10 Open Source Time Series databases (Updated)

StatsD, Tags and Outlyer

How to Add Tags on Statsd Metrics in Outlyer

Top 10 Time Series Databases

Our review of the Top 10 Time-Series Databases

Hosted Prometheus

Need a Service Similar to Hosted Prometheus? I'd Say Outlyer is Pretty Close

The Ultimate Guide to Monitoring Microservices

Download our free eBook on Monitoring Microservices

A Practical Guide to Alerting

Alerts should be simple to understand and actionable when triggered, here's how

A typical monitoring project

It's Not Always Easy to Tackle a Monitoring Project, Here Are Our Advice

Monitoring Configuration - Files vs Databases

Overview on how different open-source monitoring tools store their configuration

API Monitoring

How to use Outlyer to do API monitoring and alerting

Dashboard Examples - DevOps Dashboards

Example Dashboards to bring development and operations together and improve the service

Dashboard Examples: Ops Dashboards

Example monitoring dashboards useful for Operations

Dashboard Examples - Developer Dashboards

Example monitoring dashboards useful for Developers

Dashboard Examples: Background

An introduction to our blog series on example Monitoring dashboards

Monitoring Java apps with Nagios, Graphite and StatsD

How to monitor Java services with open-source tools Nagios, Graphite & StatsD

Real-Time Monitoring

Many factors to consider when looking at a monitoring system

Docker Monitoring

Docker Monitoring - Here's How You Could Monitor Those Containers

Automated Status pages with Plugin

How to build your own dashboard using Outlyer

How we scaled our monitoring platform

An overview of the Outlyer architecture and how we scale it

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

How some new monitoring concepts discard steadfast truths

Using Monitoring Dashboards to Change Behaviour

How Monitoring Dashboards can be used to change behaviour in your organization

Why We Chose Outlyer for Hive Home - Grant Smith

Grant Smith shares why he chose Outlyer to monitor Hive Home

Rackspace Breakfast Panel Debate

A talk about DevOps at Rackspace’s Breakfast Panel Debate

7 Ways to Get Adoption of Your Monitoring Tool

Our top 7 ideas on what will make your monitoring tool more popular outside your team

Why Adoption Outside Operations for Monitoring is Important

The challenges and solutions to getting adoption of the monitoring tools outside Operations.

Our First Public Preview @ Monitorama 2014

Videos and slides from our second DevOps Exchange London meetup on Microservices

Collecting Metrics

An overview of the key formats used to collect metrics in monitoring systems

Monitoring Riak

How we monitor Riak using a Nagios check in Outlyer

Creating a Better NRPE Agent

How Outlyer went about creating its own monitoring agent

What We Learned Talking To 60 Companies About Monitoring

The results of our monitoring survey with 60 companies and key findings

The Goal of DevOps

Why DevOps is important to any company making software

The Art of Good Alerting

How you should think about your alerts when setting up monitoring

What Do I Need to Know?

How to organise your monitoring in a way that supports your service

Fancy Graphs From Nagios Plugins

How to collect and use Nagios performance metrics

Beautiful Nagios Scripts

The basics on writing good quality Nagios check scripts

Notes from Monitorama EU 2013

Summary of the Monitorama EU 2013 Conference Talks